San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

//San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

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San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

Why choose our Law Firm when faced with a personal injury? Contact our dedicated team to help you recover your rightful compensation. We have assisted countless victims of an accident and the families that have suffered the loss of their loved one. Here’s why working with our firm is the right choice:

Our attorneys have over two decades of legal experience handling cases throughout Texas! Our legal team has been recognized among the best personal injury lawyers. We hold membership in legal organizations committed to providing high-quality representation, including the American Bar Association. Because of their knowledge and skill, our lawyers have been asked to speak at various conferences and education centers. Find out more about how we can help by contacting our firm. You can fill out a free evaluation form on our site or call our office, and we will get in touch with you soon to offer advice regarding your case.

Do you handle my case?
We take on several cases in various areas. Here are some common issues we handle:
Consumers are protected under certain laws, and sometimes a product leaves more than one person dealing with injuries or an illness. A class action lawsuit will be used for more than one individual instead of having numerous cases handled through the same lawsuit.

There are many reasons why car accidents occur, and with millions of them occurring each year, a considerable amount of injuries and fatalities occur. Many incidents could have been prevented if a driver had been cautious, and if it can be shown that they acted negligently, compensation may be owed. These types of injuries can arise from just about any incident. They are a more serious form of injury that can greatly impact those suffering. Catastrophic injuries can require a lengthy healing time, and many people never fully recover from the injuries they face. It may be a burn injury, spinal cord injury, brain injury, or another serious outcome. Around 4.7 million dog bites occur yearly; a significant amount of these can require medical attention, including a trip to the emergency room. Sometimes the owner is at fault for failing to train the dog, keep an eye on them or keep them away from people if they were known for having trouble interacting.

Drinking and driving are known to impair a person’s ability to drive safely and seriously. They can experience visual problems, a sense of relaxation that makes them less alert, and a lowered sense of danger that hinders their ability to recognize their driving as hazardous. Drinking and driving is a large cause of accidents and leads to some of the most car accident-related fatalities.

Drugs and medical devices have been developed for healing and helping. Unfortunately, they can often come with problems that leave patients suffering. Drugs are not always tested as much as they should be, and devices can malfunction or be misused. This leads to many negative side effects, and often by the time a product is recalled, countless individuals have already dealt with the ramifications. Doctors take an oath to care for their patients, but when medical professionals fail to deliver on this commitment, it can leave the patient with serious health concerns. A high number of medical malpractice cases occur annually, many of which are never reported since patients do not always understand their rights.

Motorcyclists share the roads with drivers but are not always equally considered. Drivers can fail to look out for them and may make a lane change without looking enough to ensure the lane next to them is clear. Motorcyclists have little protection, leaving them with significant, life-threatening injuries.

Many injuries could have been prevented if negligence had been avoided. It is behind many accidents and involves an individual failing to use reasonable caution. It can occur in several ways, from an individual driving recklessly to a doctor not giving their patients the attention they should be. Negligence cases are important to seek justice so that the responsible party is held liable.

Many unfortunate incidents occur in nursing homes, and residents can be left dealing with the ramifications. They may face outright abuse, such as physical restraint or hitting, or more passive forms of abuse, such as leaving the resident alone and unattended. Abuse can come with several debilitating outcomes that may warrant compensation.

When pedestrians cross the street, cars should look out for them. Many drivers fail to do this and can run through a crosswalk or make a turn without checking that it is clear. Without any form of protection, they can deal with catastrophic injuries that a driver should be held accountable for.

Accidents can occur for several reasons, and many times it has to do with a failure on the part of a property owner to keep the area safe to prevent falls. The walkways may be improperly lit, items in the walkway, and holes or structural defects may be present. Slipping, tripping, and falling can lead to broken bones, abrasions, traumatic brain injuries, and more. These types of cases look at the property owner’s responsibility and if they failed to carry out these obligations in some way. It may include not scanning property for potential dangers, fixing known dangers, or giving warnings. Not all cases are black and white, and it will need to be assessed if the property owner was negligent or if the injured person was not being reasonably cautious.

A truck accident can be catastrophic due to the large size and weight of a truck. Trucks are present on the roads for several reasons, and they range in all types of sizes. Truck drivers need to take extra precautions when driving with a limited view of other drivers around them and limited control to maneuver the vehicle. There are many reasons that truck accidents occur, including driver inattention, the influence of alcohol, or even weather conditions.

Workers’ compensation may be owed to a worker who is injured while performing their job duties or suffered an injury or illness due to the effects of their job over time. This is essentially a form of insurance that allows for easier compensation for a worker that has suffered in some way. While it can often be easier to obtain compensation this way, it is not always enough, and sometimes a lawsuit may be necessary. Workers’ compensation may also be denied, and our firm can help in these situations.

Accidents can cause devastating situations, including the loss of a loved one. Families can be left mourning, on top of dealing with the cost. Compensation may be owed for several factors, including hospital bills, funeral costs, and lost income when the individual lost was the main income earner.

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