After An Accident – You Need……

//After An Accident – You Need……

After An Accident – You Need……

You Need More Than Legal Knowledge: You Need Experience on Your Side

Only after trying hundreds of cases can a lawyer develop the right tactics for success at trial or to fruitfully negotiate with trucking insurance carriers. Many inexperienced attorneys, much fewer non-attorneys, don’t know how to answer interrogatories, effectively prepare demand packages, and conduct successful depositions. Nor do they know how to conduct effective accident investigations or respond to admissions lists. An 18-wheeler accident injury lawyer who does know how to do all of this and look out for your best interests is a powerful weapon. More on this website
Insurance companies will only agree to a just settlement for your injuries in a car or 18-wheeler accident if an attorney with a history of courtroom success represents you. Insurance companies and their lawyers are eager to take on non-lawyers. But they fear us. When we file a claim, then back it up with evidence from our investigations, the insurance companies often see reason and settle for a fair amount. They want to avoid a trial, especially if they already know that you and we have a very solid case together. Our clients can often return to living their lives again quickly because they’ve won a fair settlement.

You Must Act Fast Because your Opponents Already Are: Don’t Let them Play “Their Game,” But yours Instead.

There is an old saying that there are two things we can never take back: wasted time and spoken words. This is a very good way to approach any personal injury case. Before you speak with an insurance company, accept even a single dollar of payment or compensation, sign anything, or attempt to file a lawsuit, you must contact a competent lawyer. You cannot do this at leisure, which perfectly illustrates the old saying, “you snooze, you lose.”Time’s wasting; you’re “burning daylight.” Forceful steps must be taken to preserve the evidence from your accident now! That means we need to act quickly and investigate the accident scene. Every moment you wait to find experienced legal representation, evidence is beginning to spoil, witnesses’ memories fade, or their stories “mysteriously” change. The accident scene also changes, and evidence to prove your case might begin to “mysteriously” disappear. As soon as we are hired, our Law Office begins our thorough investigation of the accident scene to uncover evidence proving the liability of the truck driver and/or the trucking company. We inspect all the vehicles involved, measure the distance from skid marks to the point of impact, hunt for photographic and video evidence, and assemble all the evidence we find to prove your case. We take every measure to uncover any evidence that might help prove your claim beyond a shadow of a doubt.
For example, we were once hired by the families of two men who were involved in a terrible accident with a tractor-trailer rig. The collision killed one of the men at the scene. The other was left fighting for his life for quite a while. The truck driver left his trailer stretching across a road in the dark of night, preventing anyone from passing. Only the taillights of the trailer by the curb were visible to oncoming drivers, and our clients rounded a curve and unknowingly smashed into the trailer. The collision’s force ripped off the vehicle’s roof, killing the driver immediately and critically injuring the passenger. We were hired the next day and began our investigation at the scene. Our client’s car had been towed to a salvage yard. After examining the vehicle, we noted its missing headlights. Our investigators spotted a security camera asking to look at the video. It showed an official of the trucking company illegally removing the headlights. When the company tried to claim our client had been driving a car without headlights, we produced the video and caught them dead to rights. You can guess how this case ended up. You get a better idea of what we mean when we say that evidence can sometimes “mysteriously disappear.”If the loved ones of these two men had not chosen to hire us quickly, this crucial evidence would have been gone forever because the salvage yard’s surveillance system re-records over old videotape every two days. We can’t think of a more substantial reason you must find an 18-wheeler accident injury lawyer now, so your investigation can begin. At the same time, the case (and evidence to support your claim entirely) is fresh and irrefutable. Defendant lies and missing evidence will certainly cripple your legal right to fair compensation after a negligent 18-wheeler accident from the moment it happens: but only if you allow it to happen by doing nothing other than suffering yourself or watching that beloved family member fight for their life in ICU.

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